REACH Evaluation designs and conducts evaluations of projects, programs and policies. REACH Evaluation develops evaluation protocols that improve the quality of services and contribute to social betterment. REACH Evaluation strives to provide timely, relevant and credible information to program managers, funders, and policy-makers in order to assist sound decision-making at multiple levels. Over the years, REACH Evaluation has built a strong reputation for developing practical evaluations that focus on the unique information needs of clients. Evaluation services include:

  •  needs and readiness assessments
  • process, outcome and efficiency evaluations
  • qualitative evaluation design and implementation
  • statistical analysis and interpretation
  • management information system design
  • formal reporting and presentation

REACH Evaluation also works in partnership with program administrators or community entities in securing funds to support an initiative that will enhance the quality of life for individuals, families and their communities.

We have the greatest experience in writing and administering grants that fund a program initiative, and we have particular expertise in the implementation and evaluation of systems of care. However, the breadth of skill and experience among our staff also enable us to prepare proposals that meet the scientific rigor of research grants. Particular areas of interest are health and human services, education, and violence and crime prevention.

We work within a participatory framework to identify the issues to be addressed and to formulate a strategy that is responsive to the terms and expectations of the funders and to the needs and culture of the target community/population. Because of the diversity of our staff, we bring to the process the practical knowledge of having run direct service programs, the professional background associated with group facilitation and interviewing, the experience of conducting needs assessments and turning data into information, and the advanced knowledge of sophisticated statistical analyses.