Center for Women & Families’ PACT in Action

PACT (Parkhill, Algonquin, and California Teens) in Action is a community-based, youth-led initiative to eliminate teen dating violence in the neighborhoods in Louisville’s 40210 zip code. PACT is mobilizing teens in these neighborhoods with a goal of achieving a 10% reduction in the incidence of domestic violence by the year 2020. The project seeks to increase capacity to prevent dating and domestic violence by empowering youth, community members and service providers in PAC neighborhoods with the knowledge and skills necessary to address related risk factors and increase protective factors, and to support and lead efforts to reduce teen dating violence in their area.


To aid in a clear conceptualization of the Center for Women and Families’ PACT in Action teen dating violence prevention program, REACH Evaluation worked with the PACT Project Manager to create a detailed logic model to accurately reflect the project’s desired actions and outcomes at both the organizational and community levels. REACH Evaluation is also updating instrument administration procedures to ensure that resulting data are utilized in a more comprehensive and beneficial manner; and, analyzing data collected from project interviews, focus groups, and community forums to facilitate a better understanding of the issues and the progress being made. Throughout the project, the evaluation process will incorporate feedback from participants and key stakeholders to assure that we are gathering information in key areas where additional insight is desired. At the culmination of the project period, a final written report describing the evaluation methodology, analyzing project-related quantitative and qualitative data, and determining whether project goals and outcomes have been met will be provided.


Although much good work is being done to increase awareness of the issue, very little data documenting occurrences of teen dating violence currently exists. One of the primary goals of the PACT project is to establish a measurement of teen dating violence in the 40210 area, incidences of which are not currently being measured by any agency. REACH evaluators are working in conjunction with PACT project leaders to advocate for inclusion of questions related to teen dating violence on school-based surveys administered in the Jefferson County district.


Ideally, PACT in Action’s focus on the prevention of teen dating violence in the 40210 zip code will contribute to a decrease in reports of assault and sexual violence, as well as associated risk factors.  The ultimate vision is that the PAC community comes to “own” this initiative as much as The Center for Women and Families and the project’s leaders.