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Every even-numbered year, the Kentucky Division of Behavioral Health, with the support of the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy and the Federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, jointly sponsor the KIP survey to assess the extent of alcohol, drug, and tobacco use among 11 to 18-year-olds throughout Kentucky, and to evaluate the impact of prevention efforts aimed at reducing substance use.

The KIP Survey is part of the Kentucky Governor’s Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Initiative. Students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 are asked to complete a survey. Their responses to the survey are compiled to provide information to school districts about students’ use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Student survey responses also provide information about School safety and gambling issues. This valuable information is used to improve programs for Kentucky’s youth.

The KIP survey was most recently administered in the fall of 2018. A total of 153 districts administered the survey to over 159,000 students using both paper and online versions of the survey.

This website is dedicated to providing information related to the KIP survey. Here you can find documents related to survey administration, access   statewide survey data, and view online training to help you interpret your district’s survey results. You can also find answers to questions about the KIP survey, and contact information for KIP personnel.

Click here for KIP FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Click here for KIP 2016 DISTRICT REPORT Introductory Material

Click here for KIP 2016 DISTRICT REPORT Planning Worksheets

Click here for guidance on interpreting your school district’s data: KIP 2016 Survey Webinar (video)

Click here for a PowerPoint version of the KIP 2016 Survey Webinar: KIP 2016 Survey Webinar (PowerPoint version)


 Lisa Crabtree, MA | KIP Survey Manager


Daniel Sanders III, BS | Chief Information Officer


Teresa McGeeney, MS | Epidemiologist


 Edie Gebhard-Luther | Communications Associate